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Travel Icons & Legends

Travel Icons and Legends.

The stories behind the most famous forms of transportation and the classic journeys on them, by Gary Bembridge

I am writing a book that explores the stories behind travel icons and legends. You can get previews of the chapters in a free audio book podcast.

As I develop new chapters I post them as free audio book podcast. You can subscribe for free at Travel Icons & Legends on iTunes or via the Travel Icons & Legends via RSS Feed.

More about Travel Icons & Legends:

I have always been intrigued by everything related to travel. I have a passion for transportation in all its forms, and have aimed to experience as many of them as possible. As I have explored and traveled I have been enthralled not only by the experience, but also by the fascinating stories, and sometimes the legends that swirled around the forms of transport and journeys he was undertaking.

I am now capturing this passion and knowledge in a book that I am writing about global travel icons and legends. Icons that have excited and enthralled travellers across the years, and the legends that have been built up and shared by travellers and enthusiasts.

“Travel Icons and Legends” will feature the stories behind some of the best known forms of transportation that have been a part of travel history. Icons and legends that will be covered range from transportation like the Cunard Queen Elizabeth, Air Force One, Titanic, Orient Express through to travel icons like the Channel Tunnel.

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