Tips for Travellers Destination Guides

globeThis page features many of the tips for travellers destination guides that I have produced over the years. Each contains my first hand advice and tips based on visiting most of the destination multiple times.

Most of the destinations also have a Tips for Travellers Audio Podcast and also videos on the Tips for Travellers Video Podcast that you can download and listen to free by subscribing on iTunes, RSS Feed via your Andriod Podcast App or on Stitcher Radio.

My Tips for Traveller destination guides are arranged by region and then listed by country and city

Africa, Middle East and Indian Ocean

Asia and Australia

Europe – Mainland

Europe – United Kingdom

Latin America

North America



3 thoughts on “Tips for Travellers Destination Guides

    • Anita. Thanks for the query. I have not been to Bermuda (yet) and so do not have any tips other than it is a huge destination for cruises and it was actually the place that really started the cruise growth when Carnival and Royal Caribbean set up and started cruise out of Miami. There are many and frequent cruises there from that city although they tend to be by those two lines and so if you want a more party-like cruise then Carnival is the one but Royal Caribbean have more choices and options in range of cabins and ways to cruise so look at that too… Hope that helps! Gary

  1. Hi Gary

    I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for quite a while and really enjoy seeing the various cruises and all the advice (and warnings!!) you offer – so thank you. I have yet to take a cruise (I know!!) but a friend and I are looking at potentially doing one in October/November next year. We’re keen on doing something around Western Europe/Mediterranean for around 7 nights – I’ve been looking at sites such as IGLU and prices seem pretty reasonable for then which means we might be able to upgrade. So my questions are:

    1) Are there any routes you would recommend (especially keen on including Italy)?
    2) Any cruise lines you’d recommend or to avoid? I especially want to avoid lines that don’t treat their staff well.
    3) Do they tend to charge single supplements?
    4) Should we try and sail from Southampton (or other UK) or are the flight/sail ones good too?

    There are loads of other questions 🙂 as I’m a newbie but these are my top concerns right now.

    Thanks in advance


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